as of June 30, 2022


  • Jere W. Morehead
  • Cabinet

    • S. Jack Hu
      Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
    • Ryan A. Nesbit
      Vice President for Finance and Administration
    • Kelly Kerner
      Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the UGA Foundation
    • Marisa A. Pagnattaro
      Vice President for Instruction
    • Karen J.L. Burg
      Vice President for Research
    • Jennifer L. Frum
      Vice President for Public Service and Outreach
    • Victor K. Wilson
      Vice President for Student Affairs
    • J. Griffin Doyle
      Interim Vice President for Government Relations
    • Kathy R. Pharr
      Vice President for Marketing and Communications and Chief of Staff to the President
    • Timothy M. Chester
      Vice President for Information Technology
    • Michelle Cook
      Senior Vice Provost
    • Usha R. Rodrigues
      Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
    • Ronald R. Walcott
      Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
    • Elizabeth Weeks
      Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
    • Martin H. Kagel
      Associate Provost for Global Engagement
    • P. Toby Graham
      Associate Provost and University Librarian
    • Margaret A. Amstutz
      Interim Associate Provost and Dean of the Jere W. Morehead Honors College
    • Michael M. Raeber
      General Counsel
    • Joshua G. Brooks
      J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

    Board of Regents, University System of Georgia

    • Sonny Perdue
    • Harold Reynolds
    • Erin Hames
      Vice Chair
    • Douglas R. Aldridge, Jr.
    • Thomas L. Bradbury
    • Tim Evans
    • W. Allen Gudenrath
    • Samuel D. Holmes
    • Bárbara Rivera Holmes
    • C. Thomas Hopkins, Jr., MD
    • James M. Hull
    • Cade Joiner
    • Patrick C. Jones
    • C. Everett Kennedy III
    • Sarah-Elizabeth Langford
    • Lowery Houston May
    • Jose R. Perez
    • Neil L. Pruitt, Jr.
    • T. Dallas Smith
    • James K. Syfan III
    • Don L. Waters